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Offering 3D printed assistive devices, accessibility to tools, knowledge as well as mentorship. 




We are working in tandem to provide 3D Printed PPE Face Shields and Mask Clips for our community as well as providing assistive devices and denture for our low income Ohana. 

Our corporation provides both non traditionally manufactured health care supplies and education for local healthcare providers many of whom aim to primarily serve low income families and those with either minimal or government sponsored health insurance plans. 

We believe we have the innate ability to build an infrastructure that is both innovative and cost effective.

We propose to put together a group of individuals consisting of doctors, makers, teachers, mentors, students and scientists to develop tools, process, create instructional content….. We believe in sharing knowledge and tools as well as involving schools.  This will enable students to be part of the creative problem solving, while also experiencing the "learning by doing" process. This would in time be the most formative experience for our local students, hopefully creating more island based tinkerers, engineers, makers and future medical team members that would want to return and practice in Hawaii after graduating and being trained afar from our beautiful State.  In order to retain our intelligentsia, and gifted doctors we have to lay our own path to knowledge and find creative ways to proceed free of a large infrastructure where creativity is stifled and where good ideas often die or are crushed by heavy bureaucracy before they have a chance to succeed.​


Medical insurance do not cover all assistive devices.

Some insurance do not allow doctors to do dental work on clients with no teeth.

Accessibility and faster turn around.

Traveling to get fit for devices is usually not financially possible for our community.  Taking time off from work and traveling cost make those devices unfairly difficult to obtain.

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